The Trainers are the real deal!

I love Evolve Fitness. The facility is beautiful.  I'm so glad I left my old gym to be part of the Evolve family.   And a family is just how it feels. The trainers are the real deal. Professional and knowledgeable and I've seen my body really transform. I have some major injuries and they know how to work with me in a safe manner.

Holly E.

I could feel the changes in my body...

Gone are the days of wandering aimlessly around the gym! I received a customized workout routine and meal plan designed to help me reach my goals in six weeks. And it worked! I could feel the changes in my body and the fitness tests conducted pre and post provided evidence of those shifts. It's a commitment, but the instructors and trainers at Evolve are so engaging that it was a pleasure to spend time at the gym.

Erin G.


I have gotten stronger and healthier, and am feeling and sleeping better!

After playing sports all through high school, I largely resisted exercise in my 20s and 30s, and always prioritized other things. I now work out at Evolve three times a week and actually look forward to it.  I have gotten stronger and healthier, and am feeling and sleeping better. As a lawyer, father, and local elected official, I am busier than ever, but personal training has now become part of my regular routine and a priority thanks to Evolve.   

Greg L.

I've gotten so much stronger and flexible...

Evolve is my home away from home with instructors, trainers, and fellow members who have become friends.  I've gotten so much stronger and flexible! All the employees are friendly and helpful, and the trainers are knowledgeable. Safety and form are important and stressed, which is something I appreciate. I'm happy and grateful for each visit to Evolve!

Suzanne H.

Evolve is why small studios are shaking up the gym industry!

Evolve is why small studios are shaking up the gym industry. Their highly-educated trainers and teachers are your partners with a focus on building trusting relationships. They offer top of the line fitness equipment and a menu of exciting and challenging group classes.

Ellen L.

He’s helped me to develop goals for life, in and outside of the gym, that are sustainable and attainable.

I began training at Evolve with Lloyd initially for physical therapy purposes in the beginning of 2019. Lloyd shared and supported my values of wanting to take a more holistic approach to my road to recovery - as opposed to other doctors who’s first suggestion was surgery or pain medication. He took the time to learn about my story and injury then developed a personalized plan. I immediately felt the sense that both him and all the trainers at Evolve cared and wanted to see me succeed - all while making me believe I could. He has helped motivate and encourage me to not just focus on the long road ahead but instead value the progress made in the present. Lloyd takes the time to explain and educate on the proper way to do all the exercises and benefits to them, how all the muscles in the body are connected and the impacts certain foods can have. He’s helped me to develop goals for life, in and outside of the gym, that are sustainable and attainable. Small victories at first, as fundamental as walking correctly or being able to stand on one foot, turned into a journey of becoming the strongest I have ever been physically and mentally all thanks to the encouragement and guidance from Lloyd along with the welcoming atmosphere at Evolve.

Laura S.

I feel more powerful and explosive, and those tangible results are very satisfying!

As an athlete, I have had to work through numerous injuries and other muscle weaknesses and strains that have prevented me from performing to my full potential and kept me from being able to train. Working out at Evolve, with the help of the trainers and access to the facilities, I have been able to strengthen the weak muscles that have caused me problems, and recover from injuries that have caused me pain and stopped me from practicing my sport.

Rachel N.


Here is our AAA process for success!

1. Book a call with us, and let's chat about what you want to accomplish.


2. Meet with one of our Elite Coaches, who will help you build an individualized fitness and nutrition road map to reach your goals.


3. Start getting results immediately! 

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