Suzanne H.

Evolve is my home away from home with instructors, trainers, and fellow members who have become friends.  There are plenty of classes to fit my schedule. I've gotten so much stronger and more flexible from taking Vinyasa yoga several times a week. I try to take several strength and cardio classes a week as well. All the employees are friendly and helpful, and the trainers are knowledgeable. Safety and form are important and stressed, which is something I appreciate.  I've been taking various Aerial classes and enjoy it as a complement to the vinyasa and strength classes. I'm happy and grateful for each visit to Evolve!

Erin G.

Gone are the days of wandering aimlessly around the gym! With Evolve's E7 Challenge, I received a customized workout routine and meal plan designed to help me reach my goals in six weeks. And it worked! I could feel the changes in my body at the end of the Challenge, and the fitness tests conducted pre and post program provided evidence of those shifts. It's a commitment, but the instructors and trainers at Evolve are so engaging that it was a pleasure to spend time at the gym with the E7 Challenge.

Greg L.

After playing sports all through high school, I largely resisted exercise in my 20s and 30s, and always prioritized other things. I now work out at Evolve three times a week and actually look forward to it.  I have gotten stronger and healthier, and am feeling and sleeping better. As a lawyer, father, and local elected official, I am busier than ever, but personal training has now become part of my regular routine and a priority thanks to Evolve.   

Brett C.

I’ve always been intimidated by gyms, but the welcoming and warm atmosphere at Evolve has made me feel right at home. The owners and staff are kind and down to earth, and the passion they have for fitness is evident at every turn. Realistic training, a supportive environment and a built-in yoga studio - Evolve has everything I need!

Holly E.

I love Evolve Fitness. The facility is beautiful.  I'm so glad I left my old gym to be part of the Evolve family.   And a family is just how it feels. The trainers are the real deal. Professional and knowledgeable and I've seen my body really transform. I have some major injuries and they know how to work with me in a safe manner.

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