Personal Training

Discover the benefits of having a strength partner with you in your fitness journey.  Recapture, improve and discover the abilities you need to perform the activities you love.  The next step is yours.

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your partner. your journey

We are your partner in strength.  So, whatever your goals are and wherever your fitness journey takes you.  We will be with you for the entire ride. 

fueled by science

Behind every client specific training program at Evolve is modern assessment methods clinically proven to deliver results.  Our elite trainers are continuously seeking knowledge and undergo a rigorous continuing education program provided by IASD (International Academy of Strength and Development).  As a result, you and your partner in strength always hit the floor armed with the latest science back training methods.

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3D Body Scans

We leverage the most powerful 3D body scanner and reporting engine to capture valuable data including posture analysis, body composition and more to inform and customize your training regiments.

Metabolic Testing

A simple and accurate fitness testing based on oxygen consumption.This data can be used as part of the foundation for a customized exercise program that truly meet the needs of each individual. One session can  empower clients to meet their fitness goals efficiently and safely with no unnecessary fatigue or wasted time.

I’ve always been intimidated by gyms, but the welcoming and warm atmosphere at Evolve has made me feel right at home. The owners and staff are kind and down to earth, and the passion they have for fitness is evident at every turn. Realistic training, a supportive environment and a built-in yoga studio - Evolve has everything I need!
— Brett C.
There are lots of ways to rave about Evolve Fitness studio — it’s immaculate, the trainers are educated, the equipment is top of the line, and the group classes are imaginative and fun. But, when I think about Evolve, the first thing that comes to mind is how “nice” it is to go there.

It starts from the top — co-owners Lloyd and Paolo who make everyone feel they’re priority #1 —to the warm and friendly women at the desk who greet you with enthusiasm.

Evolve is a unique studio that emphasizes the personal in personal training.
— Ellen L.



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