At Evolve Fitness we work with you to define success, which often times includes a host of different fitness attributes including posture, strength, pain alleviation, and spatial awareness among others.

What Makes us Different?

1. Programming

Unique and customized programming focuses on you; our warrior, a citizen athlete.


2. Mobile App

Easily access, track and monitor your progress from anywhere.


3. Social Events

Join a like-minded community of people working to better themselves.


4. Data And Analytics

Access our advanced technology that provides unique ways of tracking progress through 3D scanning, posture assessment, movement and capacity screening.


How We Use Technology to Augment Your Training?

3D Body Scans

We leverage the most powerful 3D body scanner and reporting engine to capture valuable data including posture analysis, body composition and more to inform and customize your training regiments.

Metabolic Testing

By using technology to record metabolic information like CO2 levels, lactate thresholds and heart rate, we’re able to gain unique insights that help us to further customize your workout plan and track your fitness progress.